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The field of dentistry is constantly evolving and changing to best suit patient needs. We always work to advance to make our patients’ experience as comfortable as possible. Here is just a few of the different technologies used to ensure we provide an outstanding service to all our patients.

- Digital X-rays and Panoramic X-ray.: Digital X-rays are faster and contain less radiation than traditional. Additional features available for the most accurate diagnosis.

- Most Efficient Rotary Endodontics: Root Canal Therapies are made easier with an aim of the most optimal result.

- Invisalign: Clear, practically invisible braces that can gently straighten your teeth. We offer comprehensive, detailed consultation to see if this is the right treatment option for you first.

- Customized Nightguards, Mouthguards, Retainers: Best solutions offered for an aid in each patient’s needs.

- Metal Free Restorations: We offer metal free crowns, bridges, and cosmetic tooth colored restorations, fillings.

- Intraoral Camera: The intraoral camera is a tool that dentists use to gain precise and well-defined pictures of hard to see places within a patient’s mouth. The camera also allows dentist to show these images to patients.

- Zoom Whitening: Zoom Whitening is a new, state of the art whitening treatment that gives our patients fast and easy results. In just one appointment, Zoom!

- Nitrous Oxide Inhalation  and Pediatric IV Sedation—Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can calm a patient down to a point that they are relaxed but can still interact with their dentist.

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